Migration in Life and Death: Jewish Inscriptions from Graeco-Roman Iudaea/Palaestina

Jonathan Price

Professor Jonathan Price is professor of Classics and Ancient History and chair of the History Department at Tel Aviv University. His talk will center on the Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae/Palaestinae (CIIP). CIIP is an international project that aims to document all ancient inscriptions discovered in the modern state of Israel and dating between the fourth century BC and the seventh century AD, in ten different languages, such as Hebrew, Ancient Greek, Latin, Phoenician, Palestinian Aramaic, Syriac, Nabataean. The project will include seven volumes covering Jerusalem, the north and south coasts, the Galilee, Judaea and the Negev Desert.

This talk is cosponsored by the Program in Religious Studies and the Department of Classics.