Capstone Seminar


This course is designed as the departmental capstone for students majoring & minoring in Jewish, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, but is open to all interested advanced undergraduates and graduate students. This seminar explores the growing field of Animal Studies through the lenses of Jewish, Islamic, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Studies. Cross disciplinary in nature, course readings are taken from anthropology, religious studies, literature, history, art, and foodways. Topics include animal sacrifice and worship, taboos, literary fables and tropes, animal evolution and companionship. Texts such as Conference of the Birds, Kalila and Dimna, The Animals' Lawsuit Against Humanity, The Jewish Dog, and more. Students will be asked to engage with the material, make brief presentations throughout the semester, and develop their own area of specialization. Wherever possible students will be encouraged to draw on their background knowledge (including language proficiencies). Prerequisites: coursework in JIMES and senior standing or permission of instructor.
Course Attributes: EN H; AS HUM

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Capstone Seminar
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