South Asian Languages and Cultures (Hindi/Urdu)


South Asian Languages and Cultures

Hindi/Urdu language instruction has long been part of the rich array of course offerings in the Department of Jewish, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies. Students now have the opportunity to study Urdu as well. The South Asian Languages and Cultures minor combines focused study of either Hindi or Urdu together with courses in South Asian history, cultures, religion, literature, and film.

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There are various study abroad options available for Washington University students. Through these programs, you will be able to travel and live in South Asia and experience this unique and rich culture firsthand. Study abroad programs focus on intensive language instruction combined with a selection of South Asia-related coursework. Approved study abroad programs in South Asian Languages and Cultures not only provide students immersive language development, but also culturally rich opportunities to learn from the world around them. To learn more about how specific study abroad opportunities can fit into your degree click the button below!

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Minor in South Asian Languages and Cultures


Units required: 18, in addition to prerequisites


  • Both semesters of 100-level Hindi or Urdu, by course work or by placement
    (Students who place into and complete higher levels of language courses may be eligible to receive back credit. Please see the department’s policy on back credit.)


  • L73 HINDI 210C Introduction to Islamic Civilization OR L73 HINDI 3171 Religions and Cultures in South and Southeast Asia
  • 9 credits in 300- or 400-level Hindi or Urdu language courses
  • 6 credits in 300- or 400-level South Asian studies or South Asian literature and culture courses, distributed as the student wishes

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