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Study Abroad Programs

Jewish & Islamic Studies

Students majoring in Jewish, Islamic and Near Eastern Studies are encouraged to participate in the Washington University Overseas Studies program. The university currently sponsors preapproved programs of study at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem , the University of Haifa, and the American University of Cairo. Study abroad options (which may require approval on a case-by-case basis) also exist for Prague (CET), and American University of Beirut (AUB). A maximum of nine units of advanced course work (300 level and above) may be applied toward the JINES major from study abroad or courses taken at another university. Credit will only be awarded to those courses that have been approved by the JINES study abroad adviser.

Details of the Washington University Study Abroad Programs may be obtained from the Washington University Overseas Programs or the chair of JIMES.

Study Abroad Program at Hebrew University

Prerequisite: 1 year of Hebrew coursework at Washington University at any level. (No prerequisite to attend the summer ulpan only at Hebrew University.)

Credit awarded for ulpan: 3 Washington University credits for summer ulpan (for eight week session), 2 credits for winter ulpan. This is awarded on the basis of academic performance at Hebrew University and evaluation of improved Hebrew proficiency based on the Washington University Hebrew placement test when the student returns to Washington University. The only exception is for students who pass the ptor at Hebrew University.

Credit for Hebrew University courses as part of the official Washington University program at Hebrew University, including additional Hebrew as required during the semester: maximum of 18 credits for the fall semester, including 3 for the summer ulpan; 17 for the spring semester, including 2 for the winter ulpan, for a maximum of 33 per year including ulpan. All courses must be approved by the Study Abroad Advisor (Pamela Barmash) in order to receive credit.

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Study Abroad


As an Arabic major, you will have several excellent study abroad opportunities from which to choose in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, etc. In these and other Arab countries, there are year-long or semester-long programs that focus on intensive language instruction combined with a selection of Arabic-related course work. Some of the programs feature home-stay with Arab families. You may also apply for summer language study in several Arab countries. These experiences are invaluable for refining one’s conversational skills and gaining a deeper understanding of Arabic society and culture.


Washington University offers its own program at the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The Rothberg International School, now housed in a new state of the art building in the center of campus specializes in courses related to Hebrew language and literature, Jewish studies, Israel and the Middle East.

Many of our participants are Hebrew, JINES, or Religious Studies majors; however, we have had equally successful participants also come from biology (premeds too!), art, psychology, business, engineering, etc.

The program emphasizes Hebrew language study, beginning with an intensive ulpan course and continuing language courses throughout the semesters. Very advanced students may place out by passing the Hebrew exemption examination and are expected to take advantage of course offerings in the regular divisions of the Hebrew University.

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