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Hebrew language and culture studies

As a major in Hebrew, students gain proficiency in the language, study the area's literary and cultural landmarks, and gain familiarity with the historical context. Hebrew alumni have gone on to work in a variety of fields, from teaching and research to working in the public sector. Students are also encouraged to add the study of Hebrew to one of the university's other fields of study. Studying a language like Hebrew provides a unique perspective on the politics, history, and religions of the Middle East and the Hebrew-speaking world.

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Study Abroad

Washington University offers its own program at the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Many of our participants are Hebrew, JINES, or Religious Studies majors; however, we have had equally successful participants also come from biology (premeds too!), art, psychology, business, engineering, etc.

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Eta Beta Rho

Eta Beta Rho is the national honor society for students of Hebrew language and culture founded by the (now inter-)National Association of Professors of Hebrew, the NAPH. Its purpose is to recognize outstanding attainments in study of Hebrew language and literature, to stimulate study and research in this field, and to promote an understanding and appreciation of the culture of Israel. Washington University's chapter is the eighteenth (tsadee). All students interested in Hebrew, regardless of their academic program or achievements are eligible for associate membership. Full membership requirements are listed on the application form.

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