A Discussion with NaTakallam

NaTakallam ("We Speak" in Arabic) is an award-winning social enterprise that delivers quality language-learning, translation, and cultural exchange services, by vetted and highly skilled refugees, displaced persons, and their host communities worldwide. NaTakallam’s Academic Programs leverage technology to deliver high-quality, curated language learning and cultural exchange services delivered by refugees and displaced persons. To date, NaTakallam Language Partners have worked with over 300 educational institutions across the globe.

On Thursday, October 13th from 12:00-1:00pm, Dr. David Warren will be hosting NaTakallam and Kinda, a volunteer and educator with the organizatoin

Kinda is in a young woman with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Damascus University in 2011 and experience working as a private English teacher from her university years. She enjoys reading, drinking coffee, and pursuing new experiences. She is also a Syrian refugee.

Due to the conflict, Kinda and her family had to leave Syria for Amman, Jordan. There, she volunteers for several NGOs working with refugee and host communities. She believes that language exchange is a wonderful experience that shares cultures and broadens horizons while challenging stereotypes about Arabic cultures. During her sessions, students talk freely about their own cultures and topics of interest.

The meeting will be conducted over Zoom at this Link

Click here to download a copy of our flier.

For more information, about NaTakallam please visit https://natakallam.com/