Fourth-Level Modern Hebrew II


In the course students will improve their Hebrew by learning about Israeli cinema and about Israeli society and culture, as it is reflected in cinema. Cinema, being a true populist art-form, is the art-form, one could argue, that is most entwined with culture and society. Therefore, through the films we will learn about the history of Israel and its complicated geo-political and social circumstances, which provide a fascinating setting for the tensions that create art and cinema. Throughout the semester we will watch films that depict the struggles of the nascent Israeli society, the causes for the rising tensions between Israel the Palestinian people, and other societal complexities that have been addressed in Israeli films. We will explore themes of nationhood, social exclusion, militarization, sexual identity, and the lasting impact the Holocaust has had on Israeli society. The goal is the improvement of advanced level Hebrew, but a lot of culture and history will provide really important context and background for Israeli cinema and the uses of modern Hebrew. PREREQ: Grade of B- or better in L74 401W Fourth-Level Modern Hebrew I or placement by examination.
Course Attributes: EN H; BU Hum; AS LCD; AS LS

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Fourth-Level Modern Hebrew II
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