David H. Warren

Postdoctoral Research Associate
PhD, University of Manchester
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    • MSC 1121-107-113
    • Washington University
    • One Brookings Drive
    • St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
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    David H. Warren is a scholar of contemporary Islam, politics, and media in the Middle East, with a particular focus on the understudied Arab Gulf states and Islamic soft power.

    His first book, Rivals in the Gulf: Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Abdullah Bin Bayyah, and the Qatar-UAE Contest Over the Arab Spring and the Gulf Crisis (Routledge 2021) investigated the political interventions of two of the most prominent figures among the Muslim scholarly-elite (the ulama) and their relationships with the Qatari and Emirati ruling families. The project included fieldwork in Doha and Abu Dhabi and qualitative analyses of media platforms ranging from satellite TV interviews, to YouTube sermons, to Twitter feeds.

    His current book project, For the Good of the Nation: The Contest Over the Egyptian Revolution Among the Sunni Ulama is a study of nationalism and populism in Islamic scholarly debates over the legitimacy of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, the 2013 Military Coup, and the rise of the al-Sisi regime. This project locates these debates in their transnational context, and draws on fieldwork in the United States, the United Kingdom, Egypt, and the Gulf states.

    David’s other research projects foreground ethnic, racial, and religious minorities and include an analysis of the emerging Jewish institutions in the Gulf following the normalization agreements between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain, and a study of the ways Muslim minorities in North America and Europe have become increasingly entangled in the transnational competitions between Middle Eastern states.

    Many of his publications can be viewed on his academia.edu page.