Topics in Jewish Studies:


Beginning in 15th century Iberia and concluding in contemporary North America, this course explores how the Jewish encounter with different frontiers shaped new and complex realities for Jews and the peoples and spaces with whom they came into contact. Through readings, in-depth discussions and occasional short lectures, will explore topics of imperialism, colonialism and nationalism, racial capitalism, mobility, and social movements. Students will have the opportunity to produce original research, utilizing archival and digital humanities methods, including maps. The seminar is organized thematically and chronologically to include processes of: (1) Religious and Racial Difference in the Colonial Period; (2) Manifest Destiny and American Capitalism; (3) Immigration Control, Prohibition and Hollywood; (4) Postwar Space-Making and Civil Rights; (5) Interfaith Activism and New Jewish Nationalisms. Together, we will think critically about how frontier spaces, from the northern reaches of New Spain, to the Mississippi River, and across the US-Mexico and US-Canadian borderlands, defined experiences of race, class and gender for Jews and neighboring groups. Please note: First Year Students are welcome to enroll.
Course Attributes: EN H; BU IS; AS HUM; FA HUM; AR HUM

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Topics in Jewish Studies:
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